The Burn Your Mortgage Podcast

Rich Is a State of Mind: Building Wealth and Happiness with Robert Gignac

February 16, 2020

Robert Gignac is the best-selling author of Rich is a State of Mind and a highly sought-after speaker at financial industry seminars and client events, currently based in Oakville, Ontario. With an entertaining yet direct speaking style, Robert offers a light-hearted look at financial planning with the serious message of personal responsibility. Audiences love his dynamic and engaging presentations which challenge them to see things from a different perspective. Robert has been a student of the financial planning process for almost two decades. His goal is to passionately encourage people to take control of their finances in order to have a “Richly Imagined Future.”

In my interview with Robert, we discuss pitfalls to avoid when investing in real estate, the downsizing trend and achieving mortgage-free financial freedom.

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