The Burn Your Mortgage Podcast

How to Retire in Your Mid 30’s Through Real Estate Investing with Sarah Larbi

December 7, 2020

Sarah Larbi specializes in helping take the mystery out of homeownership for Canadians who thought real estate investing was going to be out of reach. She has earned their trust and respect by having the drive and focus to embark, build and grow a 7-figure, 10 property, 14 door, investment portfolio by her mid 30’s all whilst employed full time. She is now able to exit the job world as of fall 2020, only 7 years after buying her first investment property.

Sarah is an invited back speaker and panelist with the Investor Forum and her expertise and insights are a sought after subject at professional networking groups and as co-founder, she also hosts regular investor learning sessions for experienced and newer investors through the successful REITE Club.

In my interview with Sarah, we discuss how she was able to retire from her 9-5 job 30 years early, the importance of “key power team members” and how advanceable mortgages can help you grow your real estate portfolio.

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